Ladi Cal (基礎体温管理カレンダー)

Data management

Data location

The location of the data choose one of the local (your body inside) or iCloud (Apple managed on the server).
When you use the iCloud, you can accidentally delete the app, since the data even if you lose your iPhone is stored in iCloud that Apple will manage, and select [Use iCloud] at the time of install and start again Ladi Cal The data is displayed up to now after a few seconds if.
In addition, you can also refer to the same data from another device (if you have set the ※ same Apple ID) to, it is immediately synchronized to another of the original device, even by entering the body temperature in the device.

Since the data of the local and iCloud is different, display switches [Change Location without copy] to the data of the change destination If you select when you want to change the management division. What input also apply data management division only to the selected.

In addition, when this Data location can not be changed from the Local, it is because the iCloud is not enabled. Please operate the following procedure.
1.Stop the background start of Ladi Cal. (Double click homebutton and flick the screen of Ladi Cal. )
2.Open Settings app and [ICloud] -> [iCloud Drive] to ON.
3.Start the Ladi Cal.

Send backup data

And the backup data the input data and settings, will be sent by e-mail. To restore, select "Open in Ladi Cal" from mail attachments. In addition, the data will take over also to Ladi Cal of Android version by using this backup. However, it does not take over the data to the iPad version of the Ladi Cal for iPad. Please note also the photo data will not be included in the backup data.

Send browsing data

Entered body temperature, body weight, body fat percentage, each item, I will e-mail sent by csv file notes. It is not possible to restore the data in this file.