Ladi Cal (基礎体温管理カレンダー)

Input screen

Enter each information about the selected day.
Content entered by pressing the Finish button is reflected calendar, in the graph. It also makes the input screen of the previous day - the next day by pressing the arrow button in the upper right-hand corner. (Input contents of the day at the time you press the button is reflected.)

Input of body weight, body fat percentage・・・Input field to be set to ON the body weight, body fat percentage management function will be displayed in the Info/Settings tab.

For a few points・・・It is input basically automatic in the second digit, but body temperature, body weight is a few points will be entered in the third digit If you enter from the 1. Please enter from 0 if the body fat percentage is of an order of magnitude.

For parameters・・・In the [Parameter settings] in the Info/Settings tab appears an item to the input screen with the Enable.

Registration of photo・・・Note When you tap a portion of the NO IMAGE next to the input field can be registered for a photo screen appears. Select the photos left on the toolbar from the album, middle taking pictures with the camera, and delete the photos you left has registered. Photos of the album is not deleted if you delete.