Ladi Cal (基礎体温管理カレンダー)

Graph screen

Body temperature that was entered on the data input screen is displayed in a graph. Also course date from the parameter and sanitary start, such as during menstruation will appear in the Period cycle.
In addition, ovulation prediction date and before and after two days blue, physiological period and sanitary predicted day will be highlighted in red.

Display period・・・Period of 150 days will be displayed next to scroll at a time, but you can further display the periods before and after you press the triangle button of the scroll end.

Display switching to body weight, body fat percentage・・・[Settings] - [Body management settings]- [Weight/Body fat percentage] - to [Enabled] the ON, [Basal body temperature] by tapping the top right corner of the thermometer icon → [Weight] → [Body fat percentage] will appear in the graph. The [Settings] - [General Settings] - [graph] - When you ON [Show all lines] will be displayed in a graph of body temperature, weight, body fat percentage at the same time.

Display range of body temperature, etc.・・・You can specify the [Temp range][weight range] [Fat percentage range]upper limit and a lower limit value in the [Settings] - [Body management settings].

Graph horizontal display・・・Vertical and horizontal display switches When you press the [Rotate graph] from the top left of the action button. (Not switched the display automatically when you next to the iPhone.)

Mail sending and printing of graph・・・When you press the upper left corner of the action button to display the menu of [mail] [print]. When you run each menu you can specify the display range of the graph.