Ladi Cal (基礎体温管理カレンダー)

Calendar screen

Basal body temperature and various kinds of information of one month will be displayed in numeric and icon. In addition, the day of ovulation and before and after two days is predicted to appear in the blue, physiological period and physiological the forecast period will be displayed in red highlight. (It is in the physiology of the date of either each prediction date will be updated to be changed to ON or OFF.)
When you tap the date each item and notes are displayed at the bottom. Also in the case of the day you have to register the holiday also appears holiday name.
When body temperature is high red, it appears when low in blue. Body temperature as a reference can be set in the [body temperature range] of [Info/Settings] screen.

Changing the display month・・・Changes of the month to be displayed in the calendar can be done by flicking up and down. You can go back to this month by displaying the upper left menu of addition, it is also possible to jump to the specified month.

Display of the input screen・・・Is to state that you select by tapping on the days for which you want to enter, you will see the data entry screen To further tap.

Display switching to body weight, body fat percentage・・・[Settings] - [Body management settings]- [Weight/Body fat percentage] - to [Enabled] the ON, [Basal body temperature] by tapping the top right corner of the thermometer icon → [Weight] → [Body fat percentage] will appear in the calendar.

Display photos・・・When you tap the date on which the photo has been set, photos will be displayed next to the bottom of the memo display field. You can enlarge to tap the photos.

The beginning of the day of the week・・・Day of the week that begins the week of the calendar is Sunday in the initial state, but the [Settings] - [General settings] - [week start day] can also be changed on Monday.