Ladi Cal (基礎体温管理カレンダー)

Data input screen

Enter each information about the selected day.
Content entered by pressing the Done button will be reflected calendar, in the graph. In addition, you will input screen of the previous day, the next day you press the arrow button in the upper right-hand corner.

Input of body weight, body fat percentage・・・ Body weight, body fat percentage input field to be set to ON in Setting and info tab enabled will be displayed.

For decimal point・・・It is entered in basically automatic in the second digit, but body temperature, body weight is the decimal point is entered in the third digit If you enter from 1. Please enter from 0 if body fat percentage is of an order of magnitude.

For input parameter・・・In "PARAMETER SETTINGS" of the Info/Settings tab you will see an entry in the input screen when you "enabled".